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Upgrade your Ants with items
Avalant Items is a collection of 2000 NFTs used in-game to upgrade your Ants. Equipped with an item, Ants can deal bigger damages, earn more, dig faster or cheaper.

For 3000 $ANTG, you can mint an unrevealed item and get one of the followings.
Workers Calculantor
Ants are smarter than you think! They're digging for profit, and can earn more using a calculantor.

Ants equipped with a calculator earn 40% bonus $ANTG by working.

The deepest you dig, the more profitable this bonus is!
Diamond Mandibles
This sharpy armor for mandibles is a beautiful accessory, and also very efficiANT to fight bosses.

Ants wearing those deal 40% additional damages to bosses.

Combined to rarity bonus, your Ant can become a true boss slayer!
Scout Digger Helmet
Ants race to dig in the anthill and earn more! With a flashlight, they dig even faster.

Ants equipped with this item have 80% less cooldown to dig again.

Equip this item on lower stage Ants to catchup with others!
Mecha-digger Armor
Digging requires a lot of energy for Ants! This augmented armor solves the problem.

Mecha-digger Ants save 30% of the needed $SUGA to digging.

The more you dig, the more you save delicious suga!