A series of 10,000 algorithmically generated Ant NFTs living on the AvalancheC-Chain
Avalant is an Avalanche on-chain Play and Earn RPG game based on the Tri-Token architecture and playable by anyone. The game takes place on the anthill where Ants work as a community to earn real value cryptocurrencies.
Work, swap, dig, fight andearn
All 10,000 Ant NFTs produce $ANTG (AntGold) they can swap for$SUGA (Sugar). Eating sugar provides them energy to dig and earn more, also to fight as groups against bosses to loot rewards.
The soil is not always peaceful, and you will have to defend the QUEEN againstbosses.
These hostile strong creatures prevent Ants to dig further, Ants must act to defeat them as fast as possible! Taking down a boss requires a community effort, it's impossible alone. Bosses will sometimes drop rewards, or unlock new game content.